Yogatriggs Health Module

"Yogatriggs" means triggering of the major chakras (endocrine glands) to achieve perfect body rhythm. The Yogatriggs Health Module, in modern connotation, is a "tool" or "software" to check all psychosomatic ailments acquired out of the modern day lifestyle. It is important to understand, that whenever your body system/constitution is " corrupted and hanging ", (suffering) it is the time to wake up and go in for a total check up. YHM can be practiced anywhere at any time in 45 minutes and can burn more than 1500 k/cal, without producing much lactic acid in the body. The mastered knowledge, can be utilized throughout life. Consistent practice will help in delaying the aging process also.

The following processes are done before during the procedure:

  • Yogatriggs-1
  • Body constitution assessment (Prakriti)
  • Stress level auditing
  • History of heredity
  • Health Module Content
  • Inter-intra cellular communications
  • Individual bio-system correction
  • Resetting of psychic centres (Chakras)
  • Synchronization of Body and mind
  • Food correction as per Prakruti
  • Herbal support to rectify imbalances
  • Special care to the sex related problems
  • Techniques to combat RSI / CFS / BOS
  • Counselling

Benefits of Yogatriggs Health Module:

  • Yogatriggs-2
  • Reduces the risk of Heart disease
  • Cuts high cholesterol level
  • Increases the level of haemoglobin in blood.
  • Keeps weight under control by raising BMR
  • Enhances muscular efficiency and endurance level
  • Increases the digestive power
  • Increases body suppleness and strength
  • Prevents and manages high BP
  • Strengthens the pancreas function and maintains sugar level
  • Prevents osteoporosis and maintains BMD
  • Improves skin texture and makes one look young
  • Increases respiratory efficiency
  • Yogatriggs-2
  • Eliminates toxins from the body so no aches
  • Increases immunity level
  • Increases energy level
  • Decreases pulse rate
  • Improves eye-hand co-ordination
  • Normalise the endocrine glands function
  • Maintains the sex hormone level at its best
  • Tone up the muscles and make one feel great
  • Decrease the aging process of the body
  • Improves concentration and thinking power
  • Reduces the chance of cancerous growth in the body
  • Helps in enduring anxiety through Yogic relaxation
  • Provides better sleep at delta level
  • Can burn more than 1500 k/cal per hour

The Yogatriggs Health Module has been widely accepted as a treatment module both in India and abroad and, has been appreciated very much by the western communities for its simplicity and high effectiveness. Today, thousands of professionals from IT and other MNC's, businessmen, bureaucrats, students, housewives etc have benefitted after practicing this health module.