Vision and Mission


To create awareness regarding why we experience discomfort/diseases.

To provide knowledge about the human body and how to maintain it in its fundamental condition.

To teach methodologies to change lifestyle choices to include a healthier diet and more exercise.

To create awareness that alternative, complementary therapies include a wide range of healing practices that fall outside the scope of modern treatments and surgical procedures.

To suggest interventions relating to diet, health and lifestyle that offer possibilities for dramatically improving the quality of people’s lives. In short, the Vision of I-Chrysalis is to create awareness that our discomforts or pains are merely symptoms of an imbalance or body's communication and that a person is ultimately responsible for his or her own health and well-being.



To focus on specific problems eg: Diabetes or Obesity or Infertility etc. and enrich people with knowledge and know-how to prevent/manage the condition and its consequences, in a scientific and integrated way, so as to maintain optimum and positive health. Diabetes, is an auto immune, metabolic disorder in which a person has high blood sugar. Prevention and treatment often involves a special healthy diet, physical exercise, and being a normal body weight. Diabetes is catching up fast, as a dreaded health disorder, even with the younger generation. Unchecked, it could be disastrous. I-Chrysalis therefore thought it is fit to take on Diabetes as a focus area. So one of the priority Missions of I-Chrysalis is to educate people on managing Diabetes and controlling the associated health disorders. EBBE Therapy is a holistic, integrated therapy to address Diabetes. It is aimed at not just giving hope, but also a complete remedy, leading one towards the cure. As a part of the Mission, a 5 day training program has been designed after the initial Special Orientation Programme. Highlights of EBBE Therapy:

  • Scientifically designed protocol.
  • Stimulates the Alpha, Beta and Delta cells of endocrine glands in the Pancreas.
  • Balances the blood glucose level by controlling the liver cells.
  • Maintains the sugar level in the blood by controlling the glucose absorption from the Small Intestine through Micro Dieting Technique (MDT).


"Making the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life"

To spread awareness that we can significantly improve our health without medication.

To share with every patient the fact that many common, chronic health problems are caused primarily by unhealthy lifestyle habits.

To sensitize every person who comes to us, about his/her own body and its functions so that they will understand that any discomfort they feel are only the result of misuse of the body.

To create awareness that alternative, complementary therapies include a wide range of healing practices that fall outside modern treatments and surgical procedures.

To focus on treatment that is person-oriented rather than system-oriented.

To provide benefit of all the Alternative therapies through holistic and non-invasive treatment procedures.

To train people on preventive procedures to arrest the deterioration of the body and draw more health benefits.

To help a larger populace to build good immune system.

To instil in every person who comes to I-Chrysalis, confidence that he has found the right partner to help him with his health problem.