1 . What is Alternative Medicine ?

A. Anything other than Allopathic Medicine is alternative medicine. This can be applied as a complementary treatment also.

2. What is the importance of Integrated Medicine in modern times ?

A. In the integrated and holistic medical approach, we address the "cause" of the disease. This approach also focuses on healing the whole person, mind and body, rather than only the part that is causing discomfort. Integrative medicine promises more time, more attention and uses tools that are beyond therapies used by medicine which gives patients more choices and more opportunities to find solutions to their problems.

3. Is it possible to complement the integrated therapy with the modern medical system ?

A. Yes, For eg: Cancer treatment. After the chemotherapy and radiation, pain management and other discomforts can be addressed with integrated therapy methods. We can assure a better quality of life for these patients.

4. What alternative treatments are available here ?

A. A new introduction Therapy – EBBE Therapy along with the other existing Therapies like, Yogatriggs Health Module, AcuMatrix Therapy, NeutraMatrix Therapy, Micro Dieting Technique, Acupuncture Therapy, Su Jok Therapy, Acupressure (single point touch therapy), Electro Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama technique.

5. Are quick remedies possible through this kind of treatments ?

A. Yes, Here the "Cause" of the disease is addressed. So remission is very fast and there is no chance of relapse of diseases later. Patients need to strictly follow the prescribed healthy practices.

6. Is there any benefit adopting Integrated Medical approach for infertility related disorders ?

A. Yes, With an integrated approach using Micro Dieting Technique with AcuMatrix therapy issues like thyroid problem, polycystic ovary, fibroid uterus, irregular menstruation etc can be addressed. We have also advised lifestyle management along with the therapies which have resulted in pregnancy without any medication.

7. Are these therapies good for psychological disorders ?

A. Very much. 75% of such cases are able to resume normal activities without any medication. All they needed was emotional counselling along with lifestyle modification and food correction.

8. What is the procedure before deciding the treatment ?

A. First the patient has to come for consultation. This will be little time consuming but to identify the patient's lifestyle, food habits, stress level etc a detailed consultation is a must. This will help us to prepare the schedule to address the root cause of the issues.

9. What type of illness can be taken care of here ?

A. The I-Chrysalis approach helps to support the body's ability to heal itself by educating the patient about the benefits of a good nutrition, good supplementation and other activities such as exercise. Any kind of diseases in its acute or chronic conditions can be treated in our clinic. In a degenerative situation like cancer, this integrated approach has given a satisfactory result in many cases.

10. Is it a residential programme ?

A. No, The programme is only for 2 hours a day. Treatment may be of 4, 6 or 8 days duration depending upon the intensity of the problem.

11. Why is I-Chrysalis clinic special ?

A. At I-Chrysalis we apply a unique integrated medical approach to address the root cause of the diseases. Every discipline is time tested, proven, holistic and non-invasive by itself. When we integrate these therapies wisely, the healing takes place faster and the relapse of the same disease is very rare. The benefits of an integrated medical approach are many. What we think and how we do things inevitably has an effect in our health. Here, at I-Chrysalis, Integrative medicine not only focuses on complementing a medical treatment, but there is also a focus in prevention, which is even more important these days"an approach toward prevention helping us to have a better quality of life.

12. What are these Special Workshops ?

A. Special Workshops are get-togethers of people with specific disorders. It will be conducted in small groups. For eg: Diabetes, BP, obesity, body pain, infertility related issues, skin diseases etc. The topics of the session will be announced in our website, along with the time, date and location. Registration in advance is necessary to avoid missing these interactions with the experts. These sessions will be very informative and helpful to understand our body's capability, reasons for disorders, ways to check and correct one's own lifestyle and food habits leading to healing.

13. What is EBBE Therapy ?

A. It is an Alternative, Integrated Therapy to focus on and address the Type-2 Diabetes. EBBE Therapy is designed to handle Diabetes, to prevent, manage and address any future complications that could arise in the body, derived out of diabetic condition. The protocol consists of specially designed Yogic exercises, Micro Dieting Techniques (MDT), Acupuncture, counselling and suggested lifestyle modifications. Dedicated practice and following of this unique & innovative procedure for more than 15 weeks, can even result in the reversal of the diabetic condition. Clinical researches have proved this beyond doubt. The EBBE Therapy practical session can be learned at our clinic in 5 days time (10 hrs).

14. How does the EBBE Therapy protocol work in your body ?

A. EBBE Therapy is a scientifically designed protocol to address the Type-2 Diabetes. During the procedures, the concerned "Marma Points" in the body, get adequately stimulated. This helps to "switch on" the insulin producing Beta cells, "switch off" Glycogen releasing Liver cells and ensure a good control of glucose absorption in the intestine. Therefore, this therapy will help to maintain a good balance in blood sugar level thereby reducing the occurrence of a hypoglycaemic or hyperglycaemic condition which can be fatal at times.

15. Is it possible to address Type 1 diabetes with EBBE Therapy ?

A. We recommend the Su Jok or Advanced Acupuncture therapy for Type 1 diabetes in case of children. But for elders an integrated approach is advised to have a mix of EBBE Therapy and Advanced Acupuncture therapy. It should however be noted that, the age, physical condition and other prevalent medical conditions, matter a great deal in the journey to get a total control over Type-1 diabetes.

16. Is it necessary to continue EBBE Therapy once the Type 2 diabetes is under control or normalized ?

A. It is absolutely necessary to practice EBBE Therapy make it a part of daily lifestyle. Risk of recurrence of the condition will be minimised and additionally the process of practice will also ensure that the general health also will be stable.

17. Is it possible for older people to attend the EBBE Therapy programme ?

A. Yes. It is basically designed for elderly patients. They can learn this therapy comfortably in 5 days time. If the person is diabetic for long years and blood sugar level is erratic, we will advice a course of Advanced Acupuncture therapy for 5 days. Later they can practice EBBE Therapy at home, individually or in small groups.